Cameron and Katie - Wedding

June 16, 2012  •  3 Comments

Cameron and Katie are friends of Victoria from High School, and after graduating from college just a week before their wedding, I guess you can say they had a bit of a stressful situation. But what I love about Cameron and Katie is they didn't let the stress detract from their perfectly awesome day. Sure, parking may have been a bit tough because the street fair in Ocean Beach pushed its date back until the wedding day, but they made the best of it and we got some really fun photos.

One thing I try to do is obviously get clean, isolated photos to really fit my simple and elegant style I feel is consistent with my favorite style of photography, but I also try to include elements from the day that really help everyone remember exactly what the day was like. If that happens to be thousands of people walking by your wedding reception, or airplanes flying overhead while you are saying your vows, I do my best to portray that in a few photos as well. Anyways, back to Cameron and Katie.

Their wedding fun started out at the wonderful Ocean Beach Hotel where they both got ready in their respective rooms. Katie obviously had the suite.





The reception gear - Purple Converse and bow tie.

0026_120519_pittman_wedding 0041_120519_pittman_wedding

While we were waiting for the limo bus to take the guys to the ceremony, we ran across the street and found this character.



After the guys left, we headed over to see the girls.

0075_120519_pittman_wedding 0073_120519_pittman_wedding 0077_120519_pittman_wedding 0056_120519_pittman_wedding 0059_120519_pittman_wedding 0074_120519_pittman_wedding 0079_120519_pittman_wedding 0087_120519_pittman_wedding 0093_120519_pittman_wedding

It was an emotional time for Mom.0098_120519_pittman_wedding 0112_120519_pittman_wedding 0103_120519_pittman_wedding 0120_120519_pittman_wedding 0130_120519_pittman_wedding

Look familiar? 0128_120519_pittman_wedding 0140_120519_pittman_wedding On the bus we played a little Catch Phrase

0142_120519_pittman_wedding Shortly after the bus ride to Balboa Park Administrative Courtyard where the ceremony was held, Cameron watched as his bride was escorted down the aisle by her grandfather.
0206_120519_pittman_wedding 0207_120519_pittman_wedding 0215_120519_pittman_wedding 0226_120519_pittman_wedding 0245_120519_pittman_wedding 0273_120519_pittman_wedding 0276_120519_pittman_wedding

I am really happy how I am photographing formal photos now using a strobe to help overpower the sun. This gives us beautiful backgrounds as well as people (and incredibly cute children).


0314_120519_pittman_wedding 0366_120519_pittman_wedding

Here is a great example why I like to use my strobe. The first shot below I turned the strobe off. The second shot was with the strobe turned on.

0353_120519_pittman_wedding 0354_120519_pittman_wedding

Doesn't Katie make a beautiful bride?


And Cameron an extraordinarily handsome groom?0380_120519_pittman_wedding

0389_120519_pittman_wedding 0393_120519_pittman_wedding 0399_120519_pittman_wedding

Poppin' Champagne0405_120519_pittman_wedding 0409_120519_pittman_wedding 0425_120519_pittman_wedding

0484_120519_pittman_wedding 0490_120519_pittman_wedding 0495_120519_pittman_wedding

The reception was all smiles!0537_120519_pittman_wedding 0597_120519_pittman_wedding 0604_120519_pittman_wedding 0614_120519_pittman_wedding

Cameron and Katie asked me to do one of my favorite things as a photographer - to go out during the reception and take a few more portraits of just the two of them. I love doing this because it gives us a few more minutes to take some portraits, play with the fun surrounding lights, and the stress from the wedding day has worn off.0645_120519_pittman_wedding 0648_120519_pittman_wedding 0655_120519_pittman_wedding 0658_120519_pittman_wedding 0659_120519_pittman_wedding


Thank you Cameron and Katie for including me in your celebration. I had such a great time with you.



Susan Bonta Peters(non-registered)
Bryan, I had fun reading all this & looking (AGAIN) at pix of Katie & Cameron's beautiful wedding! Your touch is wonderful!
Katie (The Bride!!)(non-registered)
Thank you, thank you, thank you Bryan!! Cameron and I loved reading this and looking at the pictures. You did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see you guys again :)
Gorgeous photos and the subjects were great
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